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BASIC plumbing

On time to take care of your fix it list



We do simple plumbing tasks:

  • Replace kitchen faucets, sinks and garbage disposals

  • Replace / install vanity faucets, drain stops, shower heads

  • Replace vanities

  • Install toilet bidets

  • Repair leaky toilet

  • Replace / Install shower door sweeps

  • Caulking and re-caulking

  • Install accessories: Towel holders, grab bars, mirrors, toilet paper holders, etc..

  • NEW: Clean dryer duct vent passage. (Dryer vent clogs can not only affect the efficiency of your dryer, but they can also be a serious fire hazard)

  • NEW: Does your hot water have bad smell? Odd sounds? Annual maintenance extends the tank’s life span and maintains your water heater’s efficiency and safety. Most common task we do are:- Drain sediment (flush the tank). Replace the anticorrosion anode rod. Replace dip tube

Replace Shower Head 1A.jpg
Replace Shower Head 1B.jpg
Replace Faucet1.jpg
Replace Faucet1A.jpeg
Replace Faucet 3A.jpg
Replace Faucet 3C_edited.jpg
Replace Faucet 2A.jpg
Replace Faucet 2B.jpg
Recaulking Kitchen Sink 1C.jpg
Recaulking Kitchen Sink 1B.jpg
Recaulking Kitchen Sink 1D.jpg
Replace Towel Holder 1A.jpg
Replace Towel Holder 1B.jpg
Install Toilet Bidet 1A.png
Install Toilet Bidet 1D.jpg
Install Toilet Bidet 1C_edited.jpg
Install Grab Bar On Ceramic Wall.jpeg
Install Towel Holder.jpg
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