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BASIC electrical

On time to take care of your fix it list

We do simple electrical tasks:

  • Detect and replace faulty outlets and switches

  • Replace light bulbs and pot lights, light fixtures, ceiling fans, wall sconces, thermostats, smoke detectors

  • Install solar stripe lights and motion detectors

  • Replace appliances: Washer, dryer, range hood, vent fan, garbage disposals, microwave ovens, dish washers..

  • NEW: Tracing circuits and labeling electric breaker panel of a house.

The code requires that every circuit modification be legibly identified as to its clear, specific use. The identification must be included in a circuit directory that is located on the face or inside of the panel door. The circuit directory must be durable enough to withstand the environment in which it is located.



Replace Light Fixture1A.jpeg
Replace Light Fixture1B.jpeg
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Install Chandelier 1B.jpg
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Fix a Light
Electrical Work
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