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On time to take care of your fix it list



While Ikea and other flat pack cabinets are very modern and affordable, they seem to be very fragile against the daily use in the most high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathroom. We offer to outsource and replace a heavy duty replacement hardware for your cabinets, adding soft close doors and drawers, adding shelves, pantry slides and blind corner solutions and making sure your doors and drawers are aligned and functional. Latest projects :-

  • Glue and replace broken cabinet doors.

  • Repair, add or replace cabinet hardware (Waste bin slide systems, pantry slides, magnetic latch, locks, knobs, pulls, hinges and slides, etc.)

  • Repair, align or replace door knobs, pulls and hinges.

  • Add or replace side panels, filler scribes and toe kicks

  • Repair or replace gate door hardware (hinge, latch, handle..)

Cabinet Door1.png
Cabinet Door1 A Fixed.jpg
Cabinet Door1 Fixed.jpg
Cabinet Door2 Hinges.jpeg
Cabinet Door2 Hinges Fixed.jpeg
Vanity Drawer Box Before.jpg
Vanity Drawer Box After.jpg
Dishwasher1A WO Side Panel.jpeg
Dishwasher1B With Side Panel.jpg
Dishwasher1C Side Panel.jpg
Repair Doors 1B.jpg
Repair Doors 2.jpg
Repair Doors 3.jpg
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