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seasonal jobs

On time to take care of your fix it list

We help people to prepare for the next season to enjoy the most of it. That includes packing and unpacking outdoor furniture to serve many years.

Latest jobs:-

  • Bike storage hoists.

  • Assemble and pack ice skate rinks.

  • Assemble and pack tents, umbrellas, trampoline, patio sets.

  • Sand and stain patio sets.

  • Pack and cover outdoor furniture.



Winter Pack 1A.jpg
Winter Pack 1B.jpg
Winter Pack 2A.jpg
Winter Pack 2B.jpg
Assemble 2A Canopy Tents.jpeg
Assemble 2C Canopy Tents.jpeg
Assemble 2B Canopy Tents.jpeg
Wood Patio Set 1A Sanding.jpeg
Wood Patio Set 1C Stain.jpeg
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