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We guarantee that you will not see any mold in minimum one year.

We use only top quality 100% silicone caulking that is not sold in your hardware stores. It is designed to resist mold and mildew when fully cured, this sealant gives excellent adhesion to ceramics, tile board, solid surface, laminated plastic, and most acrylics, also features excellent resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, ozone, and extreme temperatures.

Used for Interior, Exterior, Bathroom / Kitchen, Shower Stall, Glass Wine Cellar, Counter, Glass. Other than the product, based on years of experience - the process we follow is different:-

  • Remove old caulking using special tools and solvents

  • Clean out mold using vinegar (not toxic chemicals), let sit for an hour to kill all molds.

  • Clean out the vinegar, and let dry.

  • Apply new caulking. 

Note: You can use your tub after one hour if you make sure you do not touch the newly applied silicone, we recommend letting it fully cured for 24 hours.

Recaulking Vanity 1A.jpg
Recaulking Vanity 1B.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 5A.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 5B.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 5D.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 4B.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 4C.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 2A.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 2B.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 3B.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 4A.jpg
Recaulking Bathtub 4D.jpg
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