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  • Determine your project:-

    1. One task: Simple one small job

    2. Fix it list: This may be a full day job or lead to bigger jobs.

    3. Bigger projects: Book For Site Measure & Consultation To: (Design Build and Install Custom Kitchen/Bath Cabinets, Walk-in Closets, Home Offices, Book Cases, Sheds, Decks, Fences, Gates and More Storage Solutions..)

  • Simply fill out the booking form and tell us about your project. To speed up your booking, please be clear of what needs to be done and provide photos to explain.

  • We'll contact you ASAP to schedule your appointment, or request more information if needed.

  • We'll arrive on time, explain the scope of work, agree if any additional hardware or material needs to be purchased.

  • After the job is done, we will ask for your approval to prepare your invoice and payment.

  • You can pay after the job is complete on the spot, or online.

  • To avoid any misunderstanding, we highly recommend contacting us through the booking form first then communicate through email or SMS text, where we can exchange pictures or links of the items to be replaced or installed. 

  • We document all chat conversations, e-mails and text messages for future reference, each client has detailed history of completed jobs.


Rates & Payment

  • Trip fee: We charge a fixed trip fee to show up, based on job location in Toronto and GTA, ranging from $75 to $150

  • Trip fee explained: Our comprehensive trip fee covers vehicle expenses, gas, tools, purchasing and inventory of most used supplies. It also supports administration costs including insurance, scheduling, invoicing and more, allowing us to maintain excellence in every project.

  • Simple tasks after the trip fee:  Hourly rates for simple tasks like assembly, caulking, hanging picture frames, general repairs start at $75 per hour, invoiced in half hour increments.

  • Technical tasks: We do not charge hourly. Electrical, plumbing, carpentry or any other technical tasks are charged by project, based on category, complexity and location.

  • 5% discount on hourly rates for half day jobs.

  • 10% discount on hourly rates for full day jobs.

  • Payment Terms: For hourly or small technical jobs payment is due after the job is completed. For custom cabinetry or renovation projects, a 50% down payment is required.

  • Site visits & consultation: For fix list, remodeling projects or custom closets / cabinetry projects, we charge $75 for site visit and estimating, reimbursed on approved projects over $500.

  • Payment Methods: We accept cash, e-transfers, checks, and most major credit cards by online payment links.

  • Invoices: All our invoices are created by QuickBooks for convenient online payments.

  • Online Credit Payments: We charge additional 3.5% for online credit card payments.

  • Additional Fees: In cases where specialty materials require outsourcing, purchase, and delivery, additional fees may apply.(electrical, plumbing supplies, cabinet/wall color matching, ..) 

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Why us?

Why choose us?

  1. New! WSIB Enrollment: We are proud to be enrolled with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), ensuring compliance with safety regulations and providing peace of mind to our clients. 

  2. Insured: We have certified liability insurance covering $2 Million liability limit.

  3. Customer Ratings: Check our 5 star ratings and google reviews HERE, Jiffy pro reviews HERE, or simply scroll down. 

  4. Punctual: Almost always we will be there on time. In case of emergency we will contact you ASAP.

  5. Broad Range of Skills: Our diverse skill set allows us to address a wide range of tasks in a single visit. Whether it's fixing a leaky sink, replacing a light fixture, patching drywall, repairing a gate or door lock, or replacing cabinet hinges/slides, there's no need to juggle multiple tradespeople (Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Drywaller, Cabinet maker, Installer, Contractor). We've got you covered comprehensively in one efficient visit.

  6. Quality: 10 years’ experience in the field having a variety of skills for most types of work.

  7. Payment types: Pay your invoice onsite (cash, e-transfer) or online link to debit / credit via QuickBooks.

  8. Responsive: We try to reply to your booking forms, e-mails and calls as soon as we can, usually within couple of hours. The best way to contact us is by submitting the booking form. 

  9. Tidy and Clean: We treat you and your home with respect, protect your flooring and clean up when we’re finished.

  10. Source Supplies and Deliver: Your local hardware store does not have that specific cabinet hardware, or you are not sure what to get to fit your needs. We can find more varieties with even better prices from specialty suppliers to complete your job. Additional delivery fees may apply.

  11. Well-Prepared: Our van is organized and fully equipped with ladders, variety of power tools and most used supplies (screws, anchors, fasteners, brackets..) to complete your job faster.

  12. Pet Friendly: You don't have to punish your pet for being friendly; as long as they let us do the work, we don't mind their curiosity.

  13. After Hours Services: For rush jobs, we can offer evening or weekend services for additional fees.

  14. Discounts: Half day or full day special prices. See rates above.

  15. VIP Clients: After your tenth booking during a calendar year, you will become a VIP client to profit from special discounts and priority in bookings advantages.

Why Choose us?

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book now

To speed up your jobs, please text or e-mail pictures or links of the items to be installed.

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Check our ratings and google reviews HERE, Jiffy pro reviews HERE, or simply scroll down to add yours



Dec 2, 2023

average rating is 5 out of 5

Vicken did an outstanding professional job for two walls repaired and then painted in my basement. The work was so well done you could not see that there was ever a problem. He was also on time for each of the two visits to do the repairs. Highly recommended! Aaron


Nancy V

Feb 26, 2023

average rating is 5 out of 5

Vik came over promptly on a Saturday for a semi urgent repair. He first sourced the correct parts and swiftly got the job done. I will definitely be calling him again for future projects/repairs.


Darren T

Dec 29, 2022

average rating is 5 out of 5

Vik did quite a number of different jobs for us as we had just moved house and had light fixtures to change, TV’s to mount, 3 large mirrors to affix to the walls, cabinets to install and many other projects. He was perfectly punctual, extremely professional and friendly and his work was excellent. We would highly recommend Vik and his work, and will definitely be using him again for sure. Very satisfied and relieved to know we have someone we can count on in the future whenever we have jobs that come up.



May 4, 2022

average rating is 5 out of 5

Vick...puntual,friendly guy,job .welldone...,very satisfied



average rating is 5 out of 5

Professional, excellent workmanship, punctual and a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!


Mark S

Aug 11, 2021

average rating is 5 out of 5

Vick replaced my ceiling fan. So professional and friendly. Highly recommend



Aug 18, 2021

average rating is 5 out of 5

Very punctual, organized and knowledgeable. So glad with our new kitchen.

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